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ABC golf outlet was established in 1995, we are the first golf outlet entire capital own by PGA coach in Hong Kong. Relies on many years at the golf experience and the interpersonal network relationship, we break originally expensive price seal Hong Kong golf's product market.  Although the initial period facing many difficulties and pressure, we still persisted the initial idea, provides a reasonable price for the golf player, introduces the omni-directional brand and the product type, sells the global well-known golf series commodity, nowadays we are the famous shop in Hong Kong and the China market!  


For the golf amateur, we keep improving!


At the beginning we had been established has subscribed three foundations to do for the diligently goal!  


1. Most preferential benefit price, 2. most complete commodities, 3. Most specialized service



G/F,  Triumph Court, 33 Elertric Road , Hong Kong     Tel:28612311


Shanghai--Shanghai Huangpu River Sports Club, 5# Xiaonan Pier Road, Pudong Shanghai, China.
+(86) (021) 6109-6068


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